Preparing YOU for the NEW YOU for your NEW LIFE.

New Life Transformational Technique provides the tools for navigating your own personal transformation. 

NLT2 teaches you…

How to let go of old ways of being and evolve into your highest self!

How to achieve joy in every moment.

How to feel satisfied with where you are and excited for where you’re going. Life should be fun… if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong!

“The reason I believe the NLT2 method to be so effective is because it beautifully integrates and dovetails the mind, body, and soul relationship and demonstrates the importance of this harmonious balance when seeking genuine personal transformation.”

-Dr. Jade Bessette


“The art of being inspired”

NLT2 provides ‘one on one’ comprehensive conceptual coaching, as well as practical direction for guiding you along your path to self discovery, personal empowerment and self actualization. We are not our thoughts, yet they could be ruling our lives. Learning the important distinction between who we are (our essence) and the thoughts we think (ego) will ultimately free you from the prison of your mind. NLT2 assists you in recognizing programmed thought patterns that are no longer serving you. It teaches you a deeper acceptance of all that is, all that you are and all that you’re meant to be.


“Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live”

 NLT2 balances and moves blocked energy throughout the body by way of integrated chiropractic care and subtle energy work. This release puts energy in motion and subsequently raises the body’s vibration and frequency. Consequentially, this change in your vibrational set point alters how you experience the world. This unique one-of-a-kind hands on approach removes physical, emotional, and structural energy blockages (subluxations). Removing any interference with source (innate) promotes connectivity with yourself and everything around you. Balancing your frequency and raising your vibration will allow you to be the receiver of your own intuition, guidance, and ultimately self-love.


“Your greatest awareness comes , when you are aware about your infinite nature.”

In addition to clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts, and removing blocked energy from the body, NLT2 is a spiritual practice at its core. Everything is happening on a soul level. How connected you feel with your inner being (soul) is directly correlated with your personal happiness and joy. Reconnecting with your authentic self will enliven, enrich and enhance every relationship in your life. Furthermore, this connection with self will cultivate compassion for others and deepen your ability to love.