I’m an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and former Mr.USA @MarkAlvisi and Dr Jade was there for me when I was in acute low back pain. She had a comprehensive understanding of the body and got me back to where I was able to train and get back to my healthy routine. I’d recommend her to anyone!


Dr Jade Bessette has truly been an inspiration to me. I started out as a patient from a car accident I was involved in. Her knowledge and skills in enlightenment has helped me transform and become a better me. She has guided me through a tough time in my life. She has taught me how to clear out old patterns and old ways of being and I’m beginning to trust my inner voice and intuition so much more. I’m on the path to creating my new life! I Feel Amazing!! Thanks NLT2

-Crystal Paul

Jade’s healing powers extend beyond the simple realignment of a neck or a vertebra. She works commensurately on an energetic level on the order of a reiki master. More is taking place than just a one-off mechanical chiropractic adjustment. She takes her time and feels in…. and uses a very gentle touch, but days after the effects remain potent and profound. I enjoy referring all my very closest friends to her with the knowledge that they will each be treated like family. My highest recommendation.

-Michael Warren

My name is Rivi. I was in fact Dr Jade’s first patient at New Life. My overall experience was very heart warming because she made me feel at home and she provided excellent care. I even referred my twin brother to Dr Jade. I am 100% better than before my accident.


Dr Bessette is my favorite!! I feel so much better when I go to her.

She is so dedicated and diligent. She treated my injuries specifically for me and cares for me individually. I can feel that she cares deeply about my well being. I really appreciate how she treats her patients. That’s hard to find. Her energy is awesome and I really like being around her at New Life. I always feel much better after her treatments.

 -Izabella Theodoro

Coming to New Life to be a patient of Dr. Jade’s has been the best experience! It goes beyond just chiropractic; Dr. Jade is caring, fully present, explanatory, and completely in tune with what my body can handle at every appointment. I feel comfortable and confident each I come into New Life!

-Laura Fortin